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If you are wanting a dirty sex story this is not your gig. On the other hand, if you are interested in levelling up your personal development, more specifically within the romantic area – read on. Alternatively you might just like me and/or want to know how my brain operates, great, welcome! My thoughts on romance, observations and communication I have experienced with thousands of men on many levels, and the insights I have gleaned from companion work are laid out in a somewhat amusing love story between Prince George and Princess Poppy. In companion work I witness very, very clear patterns that emerge over and over and over again.

Try To Have An Open Mind Here

There is a harsh truth about relationships most people want to immediately reject. You’ll reject it because it violates what Disney bullshit and Hollywood ridiculousness have convinced you is true. I struggle to remember what I’m about to tell you because I, like you have also been brainwashed! Deep in my psychological knots lies a story about love. Here’s the truth. You don’t fall in love with a person. You fall in love with a story you wrote long ago that you are trying to insert them into. You fall in love with the imagined better self. You think they will make you, but that job is always yours and yours alone.

The Fairy Tale

To illustrate further, I’m going to give you my own version of a Disney fairy tale. This fairy tale is about a pompous arrogant Prince. Let’s call him Prince George. Let’s say Prince George has been told his entire life that he’s a beautiful, gifted and adorable man. He is indeed attractive physically, but he is also overly attached to those looks and the material things he owns. He loves dipping his golden plated hairbrush into his silky silver hair gel, parting his hair just right and putting on his super action Jackson Pantsuit. He loves his six pack four wheel drive monster truck luxury SUV and the nine multimillion dollar businesses he runs. *sigh*

The Story He Was Sold

George has grown up being told by everyone around him that he must have someone to run his kingdom with. It can’t be just anyone. It needs to be someone of impeccable taste. She needs to be powerful and stunningly beautiful. I mean she must have giant lips, a perfect ass with no cellulite and firm perky breasts that are not too small and not too large. She needs to look good when her ass is hanging out of the passenger side of his truck so when they drive down the beach together, all the knights and squires want to be him and all the ladies and madams want to be with him. Prince George is definitely on the hunt too. He’s dated Lippy Linda, vain Violet and superficial Samantha.

He was with conceited Carmel for a while too, but she did not look quite right to him when she woke up in the morning. George didn’t like that. Frequently he would find one of her eyelashes stuck to his pillow and a makeup mask perfectly formed on her pillow. One morning he rolled over and was scared out of his mind when he thought Carmel was cursed by a witch who gave her two heads. Then he realized the other face was just her makeup mask. I think you are likely starting to understand Prince George’s issues. Most George’s have some of this in them. You get so caught up in how you look, what you have and what you are supposed to achieve in the eyes of culture that you never stop to ask yourself what the fu$k you really want.

And Kept Re Reading

You may see George as a superficial Prince that’s full of himself and he is, but let’s have some compassion here. The issue is that he is living from a story he did not even write. Who wrote his story? Primarily his parents, his aunts and uncles, his court, his subjects. The entire kingdom have told him that this is how he must think, behave, and live. The sad thing for George is that deep down he craves what all of us do. He wants to be safe and secure. He wants to feel like he belongs and is accepted. All this pimping and posturing is him trying to meet these needs. These dysfunctional behaviours dominate so much of his psyche that the real needs he seeks are obscured.

But He Doesn’t Actually Truly Love the Script

What are the real needs? He wants to be seen. He wants to be understood. He wants to be loved for who he is. He craves to be his authentic nerdy self who secretly loves jig saw puzzles and obedience training his dogs and desperately misses spending hours in the woods hanging out with the sprites and fairies. He loves countryside and used to dream of being a healer and sage when he was a kid. Those stories and dreams have long ago been obfuscated by his insatiable need for power and popularity. What he does not realize is that those goals are a poor substitute for what really matters purpose, so George dates and is constantly disappointed and if he gets really really fucking honest he feels empty as fuck when he departs company.

He secretly longs for a woman who sees his other more genuine self. He laments. There are no good women in this kingdom. Every once in a while, he will spot a peasant woman he is drawn to. Her name is Poppy. He often finds her walking along the trails of his kingdom. Sometimes he goes out looking for her in his big fancy four wheeler. When he spots her, he cranks up the radio and puts on his bling. He’s hoping to get her attention so he stops and tries to connect. She bows and is respectful because that is who she is and of course he is the prince, but she also seems cold and distant toward him. Why does she not respond to his fancy rim sparkling watches denoting money and power and witty jokes?

He Doesn’t “Get It”

The reason George thinks these things are a turn-on to her, but the exact opposite is true when he drives away, Poppy is relieved. She finds his antics comical and immature. She’s a next level secure woman and so does not make fun of him or judge too harshly, but to her he is a child stuck in a man’s body. For her, his good looks do not matter. Beauty is an energetic thing and so is ugly. Poppy’s story is one of having deep conviction of having purpose and alignment with her values and of having no need to conform to cultural norms. She is the opposite of conceited Carmel and vain Violet. You may be starting to tune in to who I am about now….

Who He Actually Likes

She’s a strong, independent and confident real woman. She’s natural in her look and authentic in her personality. She likes who she is and how she rolls. Here’s what George thinks. He thinks he can win her over with something he gives her, something he says or something he does. He can’t. He wants her to see inside him and this is where he is. Delusional. People can’t see into our spirits until we do. Poppy will never see George until he looks deeply into himself and sees the story he has bought into. He does not know that being superficial himself, he naturally attracts superficial people. Always has and always will. Until he makes the’change.

He also does not understand that he has already written a story about his perfect match and that story is completely disconnected from who he is. Deep down, if we were going to write a real ending, one that is not like the Hollywood bullshit we are normally exposed to, we would not have Poppy fall in love with him. She’s not going to spot something in George that causes her to give him a shot. She won’t slowly fall in love with him. They won’t live happily ever after. It does not work that way at all. He has to change himself first, not for Poppy mind you, for himself. He needs to let his hair down, let his beard grow, start painting again and stop hanging out with superficial women, spend time doing what he loves and getting in touch with who he really is.


After that, maybe he will be surprised when one day while he is out in the woods collecting Dan lion’s, sage and frog snot to make a potion to heal a sick elderly man in the kingdom. He runs into Poppy and she’s finally able to see him and maybe if they allow things to unfold naturally, they will find they can grow with each other as friends. Then maybe they will find they have an attraction and maybe they will make real love. Not the ridiculous bunny rabbit porn sex George thought was real sex, but the gentle, sensual, deeply connected mind altering sex. This type of sex can only occur when two people’s authentic selves meet fully and then maybe they will continue to grow together and learn from each other in the same way they are given room to grow apart and then maybe if they are lucky, they will live happily for the time they have.

What We Do

We humans write stories about who we’re supposed to be. We write stories about who our partners are supposed to be. We write stories about how relationships are supposed to go, but we forget there is only one story that matters. The story of our authentic selves, the one that requires us to uncover and rewrite all our knotted stories in order to reveal our true nature. The only way to find a true connection with another is to truly know ourselves first. There is a secret about this process. No one has told you George tried to get there through planning pimping and posturing. He had it all planned out but found everything he wanted eluded him until he decided to follow his nature.


First, he decided to set his task to uncover himself and he also loosened his grip on what his life would look like in time. He became only concerned with living a life he could own and be proud of. In that process, the twists and turns did indeed eventually get him what he wanted. He discovered that Poppy had made that journey long before him. It was not about a plan; it was a creative process. First, he created his authentic self and then he acted as co-creator with life by using what fate presented to him with and that eventually got him to where he wanted to go in a way he never could have possibly predicted or planned.

What George discovered was that the path to Poppy had to pass through himself first. He had to change his identity and it had to be something he did voluntarily for himself. He had to get out of his old box and create a new one.


Now I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume (always dangerous) that you are a bloke reading this. But this is not a story where the guy is in the poo, doing all the wrong things. You guys are super instinctive about certain things. So in the next couple of days I am going to give my assessment of Olivia, the female that you have probably met on more than a few occasions, and run a mile from. Because her story is equally as much a fable, going on in her head. If you found my thoughts somewhat interesting, don’t forget to check back in the next day or two, as I am a prolific writer and intend on finishing this very shortly!


  1. Codey Elmsmith

    Very well written and insightful Lily. Deep but then I would not expect much less from you. I will patiently wait for Part 2.

  2. mick

    I think that perfectly sums up our world today. Fairytales are for children and ufortunetly a combination of upbriging, media, social-media and warped education have twisted peoples minds.

    • Lily Levine

      Hi Mick. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. I genuinely enjoy hearing what other people’s opinions are, whether they agree or not. I agree that how we are shaped is certainly a blend of those 4 things. I feel 50/50 regarding SM. Great in so many ways, and in so many ways, just not. We are a society of “must have’s” and “appearances”(be it physical or representing power, fame, wealth ect) and frankly its kinda empty.

  3. Haemisch

    So true Lily. I know a lot of people just like Prince George. I on the other hand am a male version of Poppy. It probably explains why I’m still single at 63.

    • Lily Levine

      I would rather the male version of Poppy all day long. My best advice is that you should continue to do you. x


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