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On a personal level I don’t take drugs, smoke, drink alcohol, pretty much don’t have any vices.

However, my close friend is a regular frequenter of Burning Man.

She attends every year and sells her own elixirs.

Two of them I occasionally use to those who book RPP or KL services.


The 1st elixir works great if I play a dominant role. I won’t go into the ingredients although I know them, as they are Kendyl’s own secret recipe.

This one dramatically energizes and promotes a hint of aggression and authority and sense of power that is of course perfect for the Mistress!


The 2nd one is even naughtier, I think. It acts like a sedative I suppose.

So no, it is not as strong as something like Rohypnol, as that can last as long as 24 hours.

But it works in a similar manner but for a much shorter duration (10 -20 mins) however you don’t feel groggy at all when it wears off, you feel totally and absolutely normal.

But perfect for the gentleman who “want’s to have his way’ in a CNS playdate.

If you want submissive you will certainly have that…


Of course, establishing great communication and a host of other things I won’t dull down the idea with…is VIP, but with the RIGHT person, these can be really fun and daring.

Adding some spice and sense of adventure.

Nope, it doesn’t cost extra. If you have any further questions, let me know.

And if you don’t know about Burning Man, look it up!!

It’s a fascinating event.

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  1. Haemisch

    Interested in trying it On my next visit. Hmm … 😜


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I don’t bother with reviews usually but Lily deserves a shout out. Although I was polite before meeting her for the first time, I did muck her about unintentionally. Lily was completely understanding that caught me off guard as she seemed quite rigid in her requirements. Lily was accommodating and soothed me very quickly as I ran late and was scattered as. Wonderful massage, wonderful everything else. Thanks Lily xxx


Ridiculously hot service Gold

 by David Holmes Warrnambool on LL Airways | Lily Levine Geelong Escort
Good Experience

I went looking for a twist of kink and left with a keen sense of "I want more where that came from." Lily is very easy going, and easy on the eye. Being relatively inexperienced in the world of kink Lily's feedback and reassurance over emails and in the initial discussions of our booking eased my nerves and helped clarify the boundaries of the experience. I need to explore the world of kink more fully. I'm in no doubt that I will be looking to Lily to lead me through that experience. Looking forward to seeing her again already, hence my review.

Thank you. Too sweet! I am grateful to you sharing your positive thoughts. xx

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