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LL Airways on flight RD99969 where your journey is as important as the arrival at your destination. It’s easy to understand that each person requires a different flying experience and so it’s a priority to deliver a service custom-made to suit your needs. When you choose to fly with LL Airways our hostess will provide premium pampering as you enjoy the in-flight dining and entertainment with this reliable and totally sumptuous Desire Liner experience.

With Lily Levine your luggage is handled with superior care and offers the option of luggage checked into cargo and carry on in the overhead lockers. Flying with dangerous goods is encouraged and in fact recommended and encouraged. Now please buckle up and remain seated as the hostess explains the safety procedures.

When the seatbelt sign is turned off do not remain seated for the entire flight. We recommend you move around the cabin as you wish. In the event of turbulence, it is advised that you simply hold on, create some breathtaking memories and enjoy your ride!

On Lily Levine Airways think of “economy” as premium business class, with first class a little more luxurious. On select flights you may pre-order your meal. Meals are served on a bed of lingerie, silk, lace or latex, always elegantly presented. Your hostess can always wear a pearl necklace…….Lily aims to make your plane seat feel like a table at your favourite restaurant. LLA serves you up tossed salad, truffle butter, you may flick the bean, and of course her infamous, delicious cream-pies. Just to die for. You the passenger can be assured that you can order your favourite meal, from fine delicacies to your everyday dish. Beverages include fresh juices, teabags and coffee, double and multiple shots free of charge.


*Please note that all staff at LL Airways are Double Vaccinated*

Latest Reviews for Lily Levine

Lily is an amazing person to be with. Super friendly she made me relaxed from the moment I walked through the door. Good looking and a killer body made for an amazing time. Highly recommend her.


By far the best experience I've ever had! Ad is 100% honest and Lily truely (sic) loves what she does. Goes above and beyond to make sure your time together is nothing short of perfect!


It is a privilege to visit Lily. Her body is firm and strong. Bountiful breasts and a dazzling smile. She enjoys sex and that she is HIGHLY skilled. Lilly is imaginative and intelligent.


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