Let me introduce myself, your hostess Lily Levine the founder of The Mile High Club and all things innovative to companions. The key ingredients I bring to every voyage is my playful and naughty personality with a relaxed and comfortable default setting. No judgements and an open mind shall we say. I am full of subtle flavours, rather like a carefully crafted tequila. 

I am not for everyone! No, no, no. I am not for the arrogant, the slobbyist, the thoughtless or the whiners. I am also not for those who easily feel emasculated. I am for those who like sexy, fun, adventurous and witty! smile

I am curious and non-judgemental, except towards those who add pineapple to their pizza’s and those who live their lives in a 101 version. I enjoy all aspects of life, from nature to the opulence of luxury. I am not a one size fits all. I am a bit of adobo, sass and tequila. Not everyone likes those things and that is ok. You could be the most divine mango in the world, but not everyone likes mangoes.

I live a low-key life. I don’t aspire to be an influencer with a zillion followers. I don’t wish to bathe in Moet and have freshly ironed linen sheets on my bed daily. Rather, I like to travel, see out of the way places that tourists don’t ever discover and revel in the comfort of my couch and a great series that I just cannot switch off, I have to “just watch one more” (GOT anyone)?

Brought up in the country, educated for 4 years in Bern, Switzerland at a boarding school for the scholarly. I was on a music scholarship of all things. I am well-cultured and can speak three languages, five if you count Prada and swimming jargon as languages. Politically I lean centre right. I am not really a supporter of any party, more just a believer in parties.


I like hiking, Korean bath houses, Daylesford day trips, team sports, farm to table cuisines, candles and books as gifts. Animals, travel, volunteer work, sponsoring less well off people.


My dislikes are: opinionated people who tar everyone with the same brush, anchovies, brussel sprouts and silverbeet, drunks, cruelty to animals, people who pick on women children and the elderly, you know, the weak men, ????? in text messages and being called “hun”, “darl” n “babe”.


Height: 171cm, Age: 49. Peep my pics please.

Body Type: Sporty. I surf life save/swim/row so have a sporty and VERY muscular, curvy body. If you want a petite woman, I am NOT the lady for you. You should be an admirer of the strong female form to consider me as your playmate. Wide shoulders, a swimmer back that leads to a tapered waist and a bubble butt that is incredibly rock hard. Supple as a leopard. A delectable compromise of muscle and curve.

It’s important to me that you enjoy every second of our time together, and leave my company feeling sated and anticipating when we will next spend time flying together. I do not discriminate on the basis of appearance, religion or ethnicity. Arrogance is the primary thing over any other trait I will not tolerate. 

Please note: Due to family, friends and work colleagues being unaware of my wicked and naughty flying penchants, my face must be blurred for discretionary reasons. Always be respectful of my external duties to flying and understand this is indelibly important to me. Further: Each and every photograph featured on my website are current and of me, no exceptions. Yes, my body looks amazing for 49. That is because of my athletic prowess. Most 20 somethings do not have a shape like mine. Lucky you!

Non-discrimination Clause: Please note I only discriminate against slobbyists, those who are unhygienic, stinginess and poor manners. Oh, please be over 18, and don’t be a a%^^hole. Arrogant? You have met your match. You will lose. I will put you in your place more quick than you can blink.


Latest Reviews for Lily Levine

Lily is an amazing person to be with. Super friendly she made me relaxed from the moment I walked through the door. Good looking and a killer body made for an amazing time. Highly recommend her.


By far the best experience I've ever had! Ad is 100% honest and Lily truely (sic) loves what she does. Goes above and beyond to make sure your time together is nothing short of perfect!


It is a privilege to visit Lily. Her body is firm and strong. Bountiful breasts and a dazzling smile. She enjoys sex and that she is HIGHLY skilled. Lilly is imaginative and intelligent.


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