I am creative, wild, free. Full of aspiration, furious passion andeffervescently alive. You should be too!! I’m curious and non-judgemental, except towards those who add pineapple to their pizza’s and those who live their lives in a 101 version. Life is about more than dragging the garbage to the end of the driveway! I make unpopular decisions. I stay true to myself. I enjoy all aspects of life, from nature to the opulence of luxury. I am not a one size fits all (thank goodness for that). I am a bit of adobo, sass and tequila. Not everyone likes those things and that is ok. You could be the most divine mango in the world, but not everyone likes mangoes. Keep in mind  that should you come for me, I will come for you. And you will lose, because I spar verbally for a living. laughing

I live a low-key life. I don’t aspire to be an influencer with a zillion followers. I don’t wish to bathe in Moet and have freshly ironed linen sheets on my bed daily. I will settle for you on my bed daily though. Yes please! I was educated for 4 years in Bern, Switzerland at a boarding school for the scholarly. I was on a music scholarship of all things. I am well-cultured and can speak three languages, five if you count Prada and swimming jargon as languages. Politically I lean centre right. I am not really a supporter of any party, more just a believer in parties.


Hiking, day trips, sports, candles, helping people, books as gifts. Animals, travel, volunteer work and writing copy.


Arrogance. Opinionated people who tar everyone with the same brush. Idiot. Anchovies, brussel sprouts and silverbeet, drunks, cruelty to animals, people who pick on women, children and the elderly. Just pathetic. Being called “hun”, “darl” n “babe”. My name is Lily, and until you call me by name, I won’t respond.

Here are some ways I achieve my down time



Height: 171cm, Age: 49. Peep my pics please. I’m thinking they pretty much tell my story.

Body Type: Sporty. I surf life save/swim/row so have a sporty and VERY muscular, curvy body. If you want a petite woman, I am NOT the lady for you. You should be an admirer of the strong female form to consider me as your playmate. Wide shoulders, a swimmer back that leads to a tapered waist and a bubble butt that is incredibly rock hard. Supple as a leopard. A delectable compromise of muscle and curve.

Please note: Due to family, friends and work colleagues being unaware of my wicked and naughty flying penchants, my face must be blurred for discretionary reasons. Always be respectful of my external duties to flying and understand this is indelibly important to me. Further: Each and every photograph featured on my website are current and of me, no exceptions. Yes, my body looks amazing for 49. That is because of my athletic prowess. Most 20 somethings do not have a shape like mine. Lucky you!

Non-discrimination Clause: Please note I only discriminate against slobbyists, those who are unhygienic, stinginess and poor manners. Oh, please be over 18, and don’t be a a%^^hole. Arrogant? You have met your match. You will lose. I will put you in your place more quick than you can blink.

If intimacy is soley THE only thing you are interested in, there is ZERO need to scroll any further

You might be perusing companions for one thing and one thing only. Fine. Alternatively, you might be beguiled by the fact that you might benefit in a MYRIAD of ways by spending time with me. Coz let’s face it. We only ever buy stuff, things, experiences…if it benefits us somehow. Feel me? Which means. You should not only receive some intimacy….but what about a FREE gift. A little something called know-ledge.  See, then you get a double whammy of “not just the hot, wet stuff’ but the after stuff. Information, inspiration and ideally, entertainment as well.

See, if you go back up you see a whole lotta sentences starting with “I” and “My”, which would be fine if I was some kind of celebrity. Which I am not. I don’t wanna go on too much here. But I am a world recognised expert in several sub topics under an umbrella that directly will relate to MOST of you.  And no, I’m not talking philosophically based.

**Time for bed. Page hopefully shall be updated by Friday 12th. Updating Fares and Destinations**

I don’t have a wishlist as such. I prefer to assist others who have need for the basics, such as shelter, food and love.

Therefore, should you donate $20 or less you can choose anything off Duty Free as a gift to yourself. If you donate $21 -$50 you can choose 2 things off Duty Free. If you donate $51 – $99 you can choose between a) 3 Duty Free products OR Mile High Club 3 membership. If you donate $100 plus I will provide you with an extra 20 minutes to your appointment of 1 hour or longer. 

(simply provide me with your receipt)

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Latest Reviews for Lily Levine

Lily is wonderful, a genuine, genuine woman. The fact that she is sexy as and witty with a magical touch kinda makes her as close to perfect as I have come across.

Ari - 17/01/2024

I could not be more satisfied with my time with Lily. Exactly as described. Magnificent tits and a mouth and tongue to match. Highly recommend

Durrian - 06/12/2023

I decided to lash out on my birthday this year and had booked Lily for a deluxe service. Her massaging is amazing. So much so I couldn't help but extend. She even massaged my scalp. Very sexy with light touches that killed me. If you visit Geelong see her.

Benjamin - 02/03/2024

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