Lily Levine Geelongs hottest escort companion serving a meal in the isle of a jumbo jet in skin tight blue dress and white high heels and long brunette pony tail

Mile High Club 3





Save, Score, Access Secret Offers. Join!

I like to cultivate long-term clients. Therefore, you should be privvy to certain things others aren’t.

I am reluctant to offer “specials”, discounts, additions in my advertisements, as they are only for you, the MHC 3 member.

Thus, I feel this is my best course of action, until I build my new website with increased functionability.
Therefore, I will upload a text onto a coloured” image” and place in the MHC3. 

Is it worth it for you?

In short, absolutely. Here is one example of why:

I no longer offer my on-going PSE special.
I currently request $200 because that is the minimum my quality service is worth.
$170 half hours sn’t quite fair on me. However, should you join my MHC3 I will happily keep it at my old investment until May, 2024, when I will review it again.


I’ve come up with what I think is as ridiculously low as my previous MHC.
If you are an MHC member currently, to be able to utilise my secret offers it will be a $55 fee. If you have never been a member, and opting in finally, it is a one off fee of $95

There are currently 325 seductive, professional, selfie, explicit, flirty photographs currently there to be viewed.
Also an updated exclusive to MHC only, new story of a recent escapade.

For the random free, added bonus or specials, small group events and more, at this point 1 year from the date of joining MHC3.

If you are a virtual purchaser only, I will ensure you get more than value for investment. I don’t like anyone unhappy.


If after 12 months you have not been able to take any advantage, and you feel it was not worthwhile, if you politely with respect message or email your feedback, I will honour a refund.
I don’t have an issue with that.
But I just can’t see that happening!

Lily, Paint Me A Picture of How This Works for Me
If you are not seeing how this will actually save you, allow me to provide 2 examples.
This will be my 1st offer. Starting 24th Jan 2024

Mini Gang Bang: 3 gentleman, 1 voyeur is a possibility. PSE style service. 1 gentleman from a different city/town. This makes the possibility of knowing another party virtually zero chance.
Option A When: Wednesday February 21st 1pm – 1.40pm
Option B When: Saturday 9th March 9pm – 9.40pm
Cost? $0 Inclusions upon demonstration of interest.
Via text or email. Lily_levine at symbol proton dot me
Yes, you read right. Cost $0.
You MUST be a member of MHC3. First 4 to make contact will be chosen.

How Do You Join?
If you are an MHC current member that means you are verified, so all you need to do is to send a screenshot of payment to me once paid.
Please do not use Beem It, as I am not using it at the minute.
PayID or Osko and my phone number

If you are keen to become a new member please DO NOT pay first. I MUST for discretionary and privacy reasons verify you first,
You should text message me and I can walk you through a quick, easy process.
Please note! I actually am not awake 24/7. If I do not respond, it is because I cannot. Know that I will respond as soon as I see your message. Don’t be impatient. If there are hours I should not text you back can you please advise me.

Bonus For New Members:

If you are a completely new member I shall also either text or email, whichever most suits, 10 erotic photographs that are not in the MHC, and have not been seen.

**Final note. Some FF’s I will address a certain transfer where applicable!
Lily xx