Lily Levine Geelongs sexiest milf escort doing a safety check of a 747 before taking off, wearing a pilots outfit of 1 piece dark blue and white sexy piece with thigh high black boots resting on the plane wheel

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Magical Mouth Misbehavior

With this delectable service my mouth is at your full disposal and command. If you like, you can let me do my thing. That can be sensual or not so much, up to you. But if you desire a little more control, you can dictate the oral service, depth, speed, soft, hard, using my mouth exactly how you like it. I can be on my knees, or on my back on the bed with you over me, or traditional, or all 3. My mouth can eat your ass, lick, suck and rim properly, no “trying to get out of it” – rather, enthusiastic and greedy! Ball suckling, dirty talk, eye contact, deep throating. If you want the little more specialist option, we can include watersports and me drinking all of you. Let my tongue and my mouth, my lips light you up.

Please note: I have no issues lasting the full-time. 😊

RPP and KL

RPP and KL are more full on. For those who are seeking a submissive service or alternatively I also do some switch work depending upon what you are seeking.

As stirring as it may be to peruse my list of intimate serves, to whet ones appetite and settings ones desire alight, publicly providing such materials pertaining to RPP and KL would not only stain my dignity (and your browser history), it would betray the high level of discretion which I employ to preserve the dignity of these engagements.

Therefore it would be best to email me at and I shall provide you with a clear idea. Feel free to also ask specific questions regarding inclusions in a polite manner of course.

Please note. With these two particular appointments a couple of “mixtures” can be taken by myself to achieve a particular “state of mind”. Be aware that RPP is geared towards a CNS role play. 

I am also open to a completely customised playdate of yours.

Fly In, Fly Out

If you have read much of my writings you will know of my cum addiction. Yes. It is a real thing, and those who suffer it can experience very real and horrendous withdrawal afflictions. Lily the polite, sensual women might find what I am about to describe too risque, but Lily the very naughty cum slut loves the idea of my mouth being used as a quick empty out. It’s just a turn on. If you would like to donate to my cause, with a quick ’empty out’, I’m all yours with a moist mouth ready to receive.

If I can request one small favour please.  Please save up and have a nice large load for me if possible.

This is not suitable as a first time playdate as it is super quick. You need to have a half hour or hour initially so we can at least develop some rapport. I am certain this would make perfect sense to you as well.

First Class F/S

Playdates with me are easy going. How you wish to spend your time in our play is up to you. I dislike menu’s so I am attempting to be transparent but not incredibly detailed, as I find it unnecessary. What I suggest is that if you are after a more submissive play, KL is the way to go. Kink services are best with KL, RRP or via email. This ‘normal’ service whereby you can choose the tone of the play (SSS or DCSW) you have all 3 options, potentially natural. Role play can be included if its stepmum/mum related.

Erotic, Sensual Massage

How would you like to step into a candlelit room where you can cast aside thoughts of your boss, bills, stresses, “to-do” list and endless work, and just enjoy being pampered and spoilt? You don’t even have to lift a finger. You can lie there and totally enjoy the luxurious blend of massage and the feel of a woman’s body and hands on you. Relaxation at its finest. Yes! I am qualified as you will easily tell.

If you are not concerned about the oil being scented, I use “Relaxation” or “Sensation” massage oil, that contain unique blends of QUALITY essential oils from the Oilhouse. They are enchanting, quality oils blended with the best oils to enhance your unique experience.

An interesting tweak on this appointment can be to be blindfolded. Some gentlemen have really enjoyed their experience without sight. It certainly changes the dynamics and allows a real focus on the touch which can be really lovely and heighten arousal tenfold.