Men and Cheating

I get it!

Men are cheating a lot! “Are you married?” is not a question I would ever ask in a playdate. I actually don’t ask much personal but am happy to listen if someone wants to talk. I don’t want to be nosy and I am not here to judge. Everyone has their reasons for doing what they are doing.

Instead of reading off the internet I listened to a podcast on why men step out when they are in a “sexless marriage”. A sexless marriage apparently is a marriage where sex occurs less than 10 times in a calendar year. Hell, I wouldn’t last in that type of marriage. And after listening, I totally ‘get it’.

Effects on the guy that causes cheating

  1. Most likely lead to have an affair. Nu 1 priority on your list, you want, enjoy and need to connect to a woman. It’s important. So, if your wife uses sex as a bargaining chip, unfortunately they need to take responsibility that they have opened the door to an affair. I’m not saying I agree with it, but they have certainly opened the door. You guys have needs, plain and simple.
  • It can lead to you resenting your wife. When you got married and said “I do” you were probably still having honeymoon sex. Cheating would be the furthurest thing from your mind. You didn’t sign up for a “no sex marriage deal.” Hence, no surprise there is much adultery occurring.
  • No sex leads to you drifting apart from your wife/partner. Makes perfect sense.
  •  No sex can be a precursor to depression. This can manifest in a variety of ways, but bottom line you aren’t releasing any “feel good” endorphins such as dopamine. If being unfaithful makes you less depressed then wjy wouldn’t you. Depression is a crappy way to live.
  • It can lead to you being stressed out. Sex is a great stress reliever. If you aren’t engaging in regular sexy fun, your stress levels go up and your ability to cope with it decreases.
  • Sexless relationships will lead you to treat your wife/partner like a roommate not a wife. Therefore cheating liklehood increases. You say “I do” to be wife and husband. You want intimacy. Intimacy means connected, good sex.

And finally

  • It can lead to a decline in your health. You guys need regular sex for your prostrate to stay healthy and to live long healthy lives. Bottom line.

Specific Reasons Why Cheating Men See Escorts

To read more on this head to

So, I shall continue to never ask questions of that kind of nature, it’s personal but I understand many of the reasons why you just want to have some fun and let off some steam if you don’t really receive much attention at home.

If you want to read a little more on men’s health go to

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  1. Anonymous

    I am a married man Lily and I see you. We have never spoken about this but I am in a sexless marriage. It is good to know that you can see things from both sides. It’s actually really awful continually being rejected by my wife. She is not comfortable in her own skin so she just doesn’t want to be touched let alone have sex. I don’t like it, but am powerless to change her mind. So I feel like I have little choice but to go elsewhere as I have my needs too.


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