Just what would you be in for….?

So, continuing on from ze add….

I like your taste and I feel the swell of blood rush to my pussy. You love how soft and gentle my touch is – it’s highly Arousing and you’re wanting me to do more but I’m taking my own sweet time. I move in between your legs and place my mouth on your ball sack. I kiss. Again and again and swirl my tongue around on your balls and I have a soft finger under your ball sack heading towards your arse.

Softly softly. I put your balls into my mouth. All at once and I suck. I have lots of saliva in my mouth and it feels roomy and moist in there- you are feeling really good. Highly turned on and you’re silently pleading that I put my mouth on your cock. Tickling your perineum, I kiss the shaft starting at the base and back up to the tip where I place 1 quarter of you down my mouth. Back up, down, up, down and I’m starting to emit soft little groans as the pleasure begins to rise for me. I’m getting excited. You like that I don’t care about the noises of my tongue, the kissing, the licking, my moans, and I’ve now got you three quarters of the way in. Am I going to be able to take you all you wonder? 

You like how I switch it up from teasing at the top, teasing at the bottom, the occasional flirt with taking it all but not quite doing so. Your balls are full and tight. You’ve been wondering what my mouth would be like for a while now and I am not disappointing you. And you dig that I am enjoying it and you KNOW it, you can just tell. I swung myself around to the side. Now you can see my ass a bit and you can reach my pussy. You reach out to feel me and your pleasantly surprised to find I’m wet in the pussy but also, I’m moist n wet in my upper thighs as I’ve been dripping for a good ten minutes or so now. My breasts softly rub along your side and you can feel my erect nipples. I’ve got all the moisture I need and I have my head on the side and I just dive right down your shaft until my mouth hits the end of your shaft. I’ve got you all in my mouth, further than you’ve experienced before and it gives you these tingles and sensations and it feels like you’re going to blow. I come back to the tip and kiss your knob and tell you not to blow your load. “Hold it in, I want you to enjoy this a while longer”.

I actually lay my head on your stomach for around 5 minutes not actually moving my head, but rather just literally sucking and gurgling on your cock. It feels really intimate and I love how you’re brushing and stroking my hair as I do it. It feels almost tender and very, very sensual and the feelings you have are so explosively hot and good you just don’t want it to stop. You not only feel my cheeks blowing in and out from the sucking but you feel my tongue doing its own magical sensations sending you to a tactile delight. Why doesn’t every girl do it like this you think? 

I change position again and I actually lie down between legs. You have two pillows that you are propped up on and as you look down, you spread your legs wider as if it’s going to make me swallow more of you. You can see my forehead, eyebrows, eyes and nose and then just see my lips wrapped tightly around your cock and your deep, deep down in my throat. 

I take you by surprise because I take you out of my mouth and stuff gently, your balls into my mouth. Then I go to your cock, then your balls again, then your cock and I giggle as I do it as I’m just having a “ball” (excuse my pun). Both my hands are free so I hold one either side of your shaft and use them to get your balls in my mouth. This blow job is now really wet and sloppy. There is saliva everywhere. I’ve got long thick stringy bits of drool hanging out of my mouth onto your cock and balls and you love how uninhibited I am.

I move up and down your shaft harder now and faster and I’m getting close to cumming and I know it so now all inhibitions are totally gone; all I care about is cumming so I’m quite frenzied on your cock and you know I’m going to orgasm which gets you even more excited because you haven’t actually been with a woman who shows so much obvious delight in what she does.  It’s really hard for me to continue sucking as the idea I’m sucking your cock, a stranger’s cock, for our pure, hedonistic, pleasure arouses me so much I shudder and moan with cock in mouth. You’re not even touching me and marvel at the arousal levels and you freaking 🧡 it.

Seeing a woman just be purely primal is refreshing. But I know your close too and I keep going, enjoying the release I’ve had but now I want my reward. I want to taste it and I want you to let me swallow it because I feel like I’ve earned my prize. I’m on my knees and I’m deep throating you all in and you can feel your cock on the back of my throat but then I take your head and tip again. I mix it up, deep, short, deep, short, and occasionally I’ll stop and spit on it. I place my hand on it as well and your swelling, swelling and you tell me that you’re going to cum soon. I’m groaning in true anticipation, “oh yeah” I manage in between gulps and licks and sucks. Drool everywhere now but I don’t care. You tell me again “I’m going to cum”, and I’m trying to watch your face as you make these facial expressions and your so close, I can taste it. Then I just get that spot, that sensation where you can’t hold it back anymore, you’re going to blow. 

You shoot your load and it goes down my throat and I place your cock all in, all the way down and ensure I don’t miss a drop. You’re throbbing hard against my neck and you’ve released a few days’ worth of cum, it’s a massive, really intense load and the pleasure vibes your feeling is insane. You do another three or four smaller throbs and I gently let you slide out of my beautiful mouth that do hungrily sucked you dry. I didn’t miss a drop, all your hot gooey thick cum is all in my good girl mouth and I feel complete. I got what I wanted – I came, I pleasured you and I got your load. I’m very gratified. Your fulfilled. You think to yourself “this was so worth it” and we feel pretty darn pleased with ourselves. The ultimate cock worship. Mutual pleasure. How it should be…. 

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  1. Haemisch

    I’ve experienced this ecstasy many times and it just seems to get better each visit. Unfortunately I live over 1 1/2hours away and cannot visit nearly as often as I would like.


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 by David Holmes Warrnambool on LL Airways | Lily Levine Geelong Escort
Good Experience

I went looking for a twist of kink and left with a keen sense of "I want more where that came from." Lily is very easy going, and easy on the eye. Being relatively inexperienced in the world of kink Lily's feedback and reassurance over emails and in the initial discussions of our booking eased my nerves and helped clarify the boundaries of the experience. I need to explore the world of kink more fully. I'm in no doubt that I will be looking to Lily to lead me through that experience. Looking forward to seeing her again already, hence my review.

Thank you. Too sweet! I am grateful to you sharing your positive thoughts. xx

Very Good Choice of Companion

Lile was kind, funny, super intelligent, authentic, warm and generous. I feel privileged and blessed to have spent time in her company, and would recommend her highly to anyone seeking the kind of elusive intimacy one finds on a great first date or meeting a great friend for the first time.

5 star

Lily is wonderful, and provided me with a great time. Very impressed and highly recommend.

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