Biggest Load and Ropes

Biggest Load Claim

Well, I have a gentleman who joined the MHC and is convinced he can do better than the Biggest Load winner from 2 years ago. So, he is going to have photos done one night this week. I shall be sure to add to the MHC if he lives up to his rather extravagant claims…… like, supposedly nearly a quarter of a cup?

Hmmm. I am a little skeptical but hey, I am often wrong about a zillion thing. So, we shall see. But he is talking it up that’s for sure.

Rope Play

Secondly, I have a “girls rope party” coming up, one night this week with 7 or 8 gals.  I don’t know too much about being what is known as a “rope bunny” but it is exceedingly popular. So, I am going to learn a bit about it from a rope and rigger expert!

Definition of a rigger:

Person who applies functional or artistic rope bondage (sometimes referred to as “human macramé”) to another person’s body for photographic, performance, artistic, educational, spiritual, or sexual purposes.

The term is thought to originate from the nautical world and has strong associations with rope, knots, and suspension. Other forms of restraint may also be used; such as fabric, leather and steel.

Rope Bunny Definition

A man or woman who enjoys being bound with rope for sexual or nonsexual pleasure.

My interpretation of bondage is not simply ‘ a means of restraint’. It should become a medium of exchange and communication. The key to this is to understand your partner’s needs and meet them through a combination of physical contact, mindful rope handling and, above all, passion.

If you cannot transport your partner to Cloud-9 with a little rope, some simple ties and a lot of feeling, adding more rope, learning exotic technical skills or suspension will never make them fly. Learning to create that magical connection is the most important skill and the one which will make your rope-work special.


Since I have no idea about rope, knot tying, materials used etc it should be interesting. And a couple of my girlfriends have agreed to have some photos taken for the Mile High Club, so I shall share.

There is a saying that “you cannot tango at arm’s length”. There are many opportunities for physical contact. You are not distanced in the same way that you might be by a whip or flogger. I am just not into that I’d have to say.

Body contact makes the whole experience intimate. There is a massive difference between standing two feet away to tie and sitting with your partner between your thighs and reaching around, holding them close, whilst you slowly wind rope around their body.

For many people, the turn on is the embrace of the rope. How much more powerful is this when combined with a physical embrace?

As in dance, how you choose to use physical contact will influence the mood. It can be soft or aggressive, seductive or dominant. So, for our first time we are going to look at breast rope play. Stay tuned especially Mile High Club members who might like to see our end results. Looking forward to a new experience.


  1. Codey Elmsmith

    I will be looking forward to this big load all over you Lily. Make sure you share it. I am a member of the MHC

  2. John

    Want to see this cum dump Lily


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