The Beemit app. What is it?

The Beemit app. What is it?
Pay, request, transfer & split money instantly & discreetly. The Beemit app allows you to send & receive money using your phone in seconds, regardless of the bank. Easy, secure, anonymous & free to download, it’s the smarter way to move money. Don’t sweat it over those pesky BSB numbers, make instant payments to anyone in your BeemIt network simply by using their handle. BeemIt is an independent company backed by Commonwealth Bank, NAB and Westpac. So, you know you’re in good hands. Beemit take your privacy very seriously and have high standards to ensure your data and money is protected.
Instead of doing direct bank transfers with your details being known, Beemit uses your chosen username to transfer money. It’s much more effectively discreet! It clears instantly & is an app we are all starting to use for deposits and payments. Beemit recently increased the daily limit to $2000. So, it’s perfect even for those longer bookings. The app is free to download and easy to set up only taking less than 10 minutes and you can be verified by the app instantly. However you can only use your debit card, credit cards are not eligible yet.
But I’m worried what will show on my bank. I don’t want my wife to see? On your bank statement shows ‘ Beemit ‘no other details including the reference used for the transactions. If you plan to pay a deposit or see a provider this app is worth downloading.
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Thank you

I don’t bother with reviews usually but Lily deserves a shout out. Although I was polite before meeting her for the first time, I did muck her about unintentionally. Lily was completely understanding that caught me off guard as she seemed quite rigid in her requirements. Lily was accommodating and soothed me very quickly as I ran late and was scattered as. Wonderful massage, wonderful everything else. Thanks Lily xxx


Ridiculously hot service Gold

 by David Holmes Warrnambool on LL Airways | Lily Levine Geelong Escort
Good Experience

I went looking for a twist of kink and left with a keen sense of "I want more where that came from." Lily is very easy going, and easy on the eye. Being relatively inexperienced in the world of kink Lily's feedback and reassurance over emails and in the initial discussions of our booking eased my nerves and helped clarify the boundaries of the experience. I need to explore the world of kink more fully. I'm in no doubt that I will be looking to Lily to lead me through that experience. Looking forward to seeing her again already, hence my review.

Thank you. Too sweet! I am grateful to you sharing your positive thoughts. xx

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