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I don’t engage in any sex worker social media with other ladies, but I observe. And I know that we ALL deal with the same stuff ad nauseum. I totally get I am not the only one. I was brought up to be very, very polite. I demonstrate my manners all the time. And I subscribe to a philosophy I feel very very strongly about. It goes something like this: “You teach others how to treat you”. Hence, once spoken to rudely, you don’t get a second chance with me. Because, it’s NOT ok to be rude.

So, when I see this at the end of a sentence “……so get back to me I’m waiting??”. I’m immediately put off. There is no need for a double question mark. We are never taught to add an extra question mark. I interpret it as “so text me back right now”.

But when 5 minutes or 2 hours later, I see this:


It infuriates me.

If someone does not respond back. If I don’t respond to you…it’s clear why. IM BUSY or, I HAVEN’T EVEN SEEN/HEARD YOUR TEXT. So HOW is it possible to respond? So, I interpret that (??????) as

“Why the f&&*k haven’t you messaged me I am waiting for your f&**%g text”.

It’s just rude.

I am not sitting around drinking martinis and waiting for my phone to text or ring. I have a life. A VERY busy and fulfilling life where every second of every minute of every day is accounted for. The phone is not on my person all the time. In fact, more often than not its nowhere near me.

And I am really really good at responding quickly and promptly when I can. I always do.

So don’t apply this to just me. Apply it to your mates, other companions, friends, girlfriends, family. People will get back to you when they are able. And no-one likes to feel bullied, rushed and like they are being yelled at.

??? Feels impatient, childish. It’s an aggressive question: It demands a response, and suggests that the response had better be to your liking. For those of you who do this, don’t expect ladies to respond to you. It’s a big fat “not interested”.

It’s easy to be nice, kind, patient. And to the clients who liaise with me currently – honestly, I can’t say “thank you” enough for always just being ordinarily nice. It’s great. You’re the person I will bend over backwards to please. Because you don’t demand it and think it’s somehow your “right”.

Lily –

Geelong’s Best Escort

Geelong Milf

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  1. Damian.

    Could not agree more. What a wonderful world we would be living in if we were more patient, courteous and respectful. It’s not hard, actually it’s very rewarding.
    Give it a try 😊


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Thank you

I don’t bother with reviews usually but Lily deserves a shout out. Although I was polite before meeting her for the first time, I did muck her about unintentionally. Lily was completely understanding that caught me off guard as she seemed quite rigid in her requirements. Lily was accommodating and soothed me very quickly as I ran late and was scattered as. Wonderful massage, wonderful everything else. Thanks Lily xxx


Ridiculously hot service Gold

 by David Holmes Warrnambool on LL Airways | Lily Levine Geelong Escort
Good Experience

I went looking for a twist of kink and left with a keen sense of "I want more where that came from." Lily is very easy going, and easy on the eye. Being relatively inexperienced in the world of kink Lily's feedback and reassurance over emails and in the initial discussions of our booking eased my nerves and helped clarify the boundaries of the experience. I need to explore the world of kink more fully. I'm in no doubt that I will be looking to Lily to lead me through that experience. Looking forward to seeing her again already, hence my review.

Thank you. Too sweet! I am grateful to you sharing your positive thoughts. xx

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