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(Excuse the explicit theme of this blog, nature of the service sorry)!

My Alter Ego

Korrupted Lily is my Alter Ego. She is a little too deviant to write about so bluntly on an advertisement. She is for the filthy man who is searching for a fuck puppet. I want to be your dirty cum slut whore. Let’s face it, there is no delicate way to describe this indecent experience. Which is exactly how it is meant to be, so let’s not dress it up into something it isn’t shall we? This is for the gentleman who is seeking an obedient, willing, enthusiastic and incredibly eager cumdoll. Treating me mean keeps me very, very keen. I respond favourably to the very primal idea of use and abuse.

Your Cock Is All I Want

Tell me that I am a “good girl”. Craving to fulfill your every need, and make you proud of me. My sloppy mouth will suck your cock like there is no tomorrow. Your cock is the last cock in the world I’m going to get. Fuck me without mercy, following by cumming in my asshole and I will lick your cock clean after we have finished. Make me beg. I love begging for cock. Consequently I don’t care if your big or small, I want to drain the cum from your eager balls. Call me what you want. Evidently you can have me on my knees should you desire.

Cream Throat Me

Deepthroat me, make me cry, make me gag, and make me beg. Besides my pussy is wet and desperate. I need a truck ton of cum and I’ll take it any way you want to give it. Make me work for it. You just want to fuck my holes and call me a cunt whore bitch. You can spit at me, spit on me, spit in me. Whilst you’re at it how about you piss on me too. In me, up me and all over me. Consequently I will fucking love it because I’m just a slut whore at heart. I will beg to drink your piss. Oh soo naughty…


I Also Switch

Opposite to the sub slave fuck doll, Korrupted Lily, being a switch can become your mistress just as easily. Does the idea of succumbing to an imposing, heavily muscled, strong, needy sexual Mistress appeal to YOUR submissive personality?

I Want to Facesit You

KL is especially interested in queening, face-sitting and deprivation, housework, foot and breast worship. She has a proper BDSM throne upon which to sit upon whilst she demands you give her pussy the attention and pleasure she deserves. Regardless she will Queen you mercilessly. Verbal humiliation/degradation. You will have tasks to perform, and punishment if you cannot achieve them. I want to feel you squirm beneath my supple ass cheeks, trying to catch some air.

What Turns Me On

Significantly few things turn me on as much as having a sub beg for my attention. Undeniably the sound of a sub with a pathetic whimper in his voice does something special to very part of my body. Seeing and hearing him beg “Goddess, please play with me” while I ignore him makes me want to cum…. it’s simply orgasmic.

If you want to be broken and used……just say so, don’t waste my time.

Edge play………hmmmmmmmmm

Please Note Potential Subs

I do not subscribe to the usual drivel of a Mistress in black, leather, latex, long boots blah blah. I wear whatever the hell I feel like, it’s at my pleasure not yours. Nor do I operate out of a dungeon – if that is what you want, go elsewhere. I do not like being constrained by stereotypes.

Geelong ONLY No Outcall Ever (Melbourne side)
You MUST text to 0413 967 225 as per the following:
First (REAL) name: Age: Nationality: Service and duration sought: Time/Day Sought:

Thursday: 8pm – 11pm, Friday: 9am – 11pm, Saturday: 9am – 11pm, Sunday: 9am – 10pm, Monday: 10am – 10pm


Half an hour $400 1 Hour $800

Phone or text for inclusions or queries as to if I can cater for your needs. No private numbers can be answered and please don’t waste my time not being genuine I am time poor and don’t have it to waste.


  1. Rob

    This service is exactly something I’d love to explore!

    • Lily Levine

      It is certainly the most provocative and hmm, deviant I shall call it. I personally like it if I am the subserviant one…


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Thank you

I don’t bother with reviews usually but Lily deserves a shout out. Although I was polite before meeting her for the first time, I did muck her about unintentionally. Lily was completely understanding that caught me off guard as she seemed quite rigid in her requirements. Lily was accommodating and soothed me very quickly as I ran late and was scattered as. Wonderful massage, wonderful everything else. Thanks Lily xxx


Ridiculously hot service Gold

 by David Holmes Warrnambool on LL Airways | Lily Levine Geelong Escort
Good Experience

I went looking for a twist of kink and left with a keen sense of "I want more where that came from." Lily is very easy going, and easy on the eye. Being relatively inexperienced in the world of kink Lily's feedback and reassurance over emails and in the initial discussions of our booking eased my nerves and helped clarify the boundaries of the experience. I need to explore the world of kink more fully. I'm in no doubt that I will be looking to Lily to lead me through that experience. Looking forward to seeing her again already, hence my review.

Thank you. Too sweet! I am grateful to you sharing your positive thoughts. xx

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