Survey Monkey Results Are In

A Massive Shout Out

I just wanted to say “thank you” to all those in my group email list who were kind enough to take time to do my Survey Monkey client survey. Like any business you sometimes wonder what you are doing well, what you are doing reasonably and what you can improve upon. Disappointing to get 2 star reviews but it should be noted none of them met me, due to my being “difficult to arrange a time with that was mutually agreeable”. Short of cloning myself I am not sure I can do much about that.

All Feedback Is Taken On Board

I did get a little bit of constructive feedback and will take it on board. This is the only way to grow, improve and expand. Must check my emails more frequently!

But all up, I shall just not sugar coat this, I am PROUD of my results. I think I do put in the effort (which isn’t an effort I might add) to be attentive and get into the spirit of each and every play date. Hopefully I am demonstrating that there are good, genuine, highly sexual, honest sex workers and that I am one of those for Geelong and the surrounding area.

Geelong escort clients made a real effort.

These types of surveys often don’t get many responses, so again I really appreciate that most of you bothered. Otherwise I don’t know, what I don’t know, to improve upon. I am glad nearly everyone except a couple of pretty difficult to please and/or “we just didn’t click, but no problems per see.

Geelong Companion Lily – What’s Next?

Well, I am constantly trying to reinvent myself and my look and also my services. I like experimenting with kinks here and there, and usually have a “flavour of the month”. I want to keep experimenting, pushing boundaries, collating more photos and would certainly like more volunteers for filming. Oh, and I am still looking for a farm to do a photo shoot on. Seems difficult to find. If you can help please let me know. Here’s to more fun!


  1. John X

    These results don’t really surprise me Lily you are wonderfully generous, fun and your service is sensation al.

  2. Benjamin Keene

    Congrats Lily you deserve your ratings, your oral is magnificent.


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Well Worth It

I initially was impressed at the way Lily had created her ad. The copy was very unusual, different to other escorts and I was intrigued. I reached out some 2 months ago but wasn't able to make an appointment until recently. Lily is beautiful, funny, creative, warm and sexy. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Lily, she is the perfect blend of sensual, curious and engaging. As for the rest, I will keep that close to my heart. Highly recommend.

Different to what I expected, service excellent easy to get along with. Would see again. Responsive to texts

 by Adain B Werribee on LL Airways | Lily Levine Geelong Escort
Ill b back

Lily has a calming, flirty personality. Made me laugh a few times. Blowjob skills are next level and so are the massages 11/10 will be back.

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