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Savvy Responses to Text and Emails
for the busy sex worker



I have created professional, courteous and sometimes witty responses to all of the usual email and text questions. You are welcome to copy and paste them so that you can use them over and over again within your business saving you time and energy.

The idea is to be extremely polite, keep them on-side unless they are time-wasters in which case you have options to respond accordingly. There are a couple of humorous options as well if that is your personality.

This eBook addresses 20 common queries asked at all sex workers and you can be assured you will sound lovely, enthusiastic but at the same time will provide boundaries where necessary without your client being put off.

A real asset to your sex worker business.




The ONLY way to pay for these is by using Osko, Beem It or PayID which is a less than 1 minute transaction using BPAY and is very, very easy for those not familiar with it. All 4 of the big banks have this available. You just make payment using your phone! Easy as. You simply follow the above, and use my phone number as your reference – 0413 967 225. It will show up as “Better Business Pty Ltd” and you simply send me a screenshot of payment and what it is you have requested. 


Ad Copy

The world accommodates you for fitting in, but only rewards you for standing out.” ― Matshona Dhliwayo

Are you ready to build your escorting empire with a first-class ad that compels prospective clients to call you?

I will deliver a persuasive and compelling ad copy that represents your business. It will capture customer’s imaginations with its witty and alluring dialogue that dares to be incredibly imaginative. It will be nothing like any ad you’ve ever seen for an escort, and yet it will draw you more revenue.

I will make you the diamond in a cluster of counterfeits. my ad will showcase your brand personality and provide hype and fervour for time spent with you.
You must be:
• committed to professionalism
• willing to be distinctive
• energised at a re-branding opportunity
• ready to put “know”, “like” and “trust” together

Blazing fast turn-around time on support requests Fees: are determined by exact requirements Can be provided remotely, transparently and efficiently


Can I Provide An Example Of My Work?


I certainly can. This website it a prime example of how different I can make you. Have you ever seen a companion site that read and looked like this? Your answer is “no” because I scoured the internet looking myself! So, take your time and have a read through my website. Note how I have referred to things, like services, rates, availability, dos and don’ts. The terminology is completely different, and yet clearly stated. Clients will understand exactly what I am saying. It’s fun, fresh, creative and gives them a very strong sense of my personality.


I have other examples to share and will do so upon contact.


I provide a 15-minute free consultation where you can ask questions, hear further examples of my work and get a feel for me and if you wish to work with me together on your business.




As much as you are choosing me to be your copywriter, I am also very adamant that I will only write copy to ladies who are going to make the most use of my amazing quality copy. Therefore, as well as us having a clear level of rapport, you must be willing to do a professional photo-shoot that represents your new theme. I am not saying “no lingerie shots”, not at all, but you MUST have lots of photos that represent your theme, as your theme is YOU. I would prefer to know the photographer’s name that you intend to work with if at all possible.


So, I chose an Airway, hence I spent $1000 on hiring a jumbo jet to get the appropriate photographs to accompany the ads. And how good does it look? See how it ads credibility to my story? I am not saying you have to spend that kind of money. Your theme might be able to be done on a dime, and that is absolutely fine. But having great copy and selfies in your ad detracts from your business and my writing!


You must be prepared to discover your USP (unique selling point). I can help you with this no problems.


You must be willing to share intimate details of your working practices (that will absolutely be confidential) so that I can word things in the cleverest manner possible to captivate all potential clients for you.


It would be helpful if you have imagination, but it’s not a necessity as I have it in abundance! I can certainly suggest many ideas if you are short on them.




If you are in for the penny in for the pound so to speak, and wish to create and or design a new website for your brand-new image I am more than willing to write copy for your website as well.


You want everything to be synergistic. All of your marketing and advertising needs to have your stamp across it. Prospective clients need to know exactly who they are dealing with.


You need powerful and compelling web content that will elicit a reaction and therefore an action. That leads to a sale. Obviously if I have written your ad, you will want your website to be an expanded version of that, embellishing your very own story and brand. Your website has the potential to take your business to a whole other level. And remember we want to continue to make your website and business stand well out from the crowd. You will instantly increase your brand’s verifiability for your clients and your entire audience of onlookers.


There is no point “investing” in a website that is poorly designed, with a poor layout and with unattractive branding visuals that may deter your potential clients. A boring escort website is just dull, and poorly written copy might indicate to potential clients a poorly delivered service. You must be brave enough to do something different to evolve.


An escort website increases your credibility, and it boosts brand reputation and authority. You can include more information other than what’s allowed on a directory to effectively communicate your brand story. You’ll never have any limitations on the lengths that you can go to advertise or market your business – which means that the sky is truly the limit.


So, let’s continue working together to make that happen. And if you are going to do something at all, make sure you do it well!



If you would like more in-depth support and mentoring, I offer private one-on-one sessions. This is your face-to-face personal hour with me where you come armed with as many questions as you like, regarding escorting and the sex industry. I will guide and support you into making the right choices for you. You are welcome to ask business-oriented questions also, after all they are intertwined. I would anticipate that these sessions will inevitably guide you to be able to add “rivers” and “streams” to your income. There are numerous ways that you can make money whilst you are asleep in your bed, as an escort. Trust me, I know because I did it through COVID and am still doing it!


  • Session runs for 1 hour and is conducted on-line (Arrangements can be made to meet in person in Geelong or Melbourne with an additional fee).
  • We can use Zoom, skype, facetime, or phone.
  • Each session is tailored to suit your own personal needs.
Mentoring: $250 per hour
**I am confident you can walk away from the first hour with several ways and means with which to boost your income almost immediately.

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