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Frequent Flyer Points Program





Is your first name on my list below? If so, I have already generously I believe, donated you some start up points! Nice surprise for those mentioned, I hope.

Frequent Flyer Points Program – Lily Levine Airways

I, Lily, am excited to announce the launch of my new FFPP (frequent flyer points program), an innovative, truly unique companion reward experience like no-one else offers. Do you receive “real” benefits? I have made certain of it.100%.

What do you need to do to get involved in my FF rewards program?

I have made it easy! You need to have met and played with me or brought Duty Free off me or both. This means you have gone through the easy, highly confidential verification process and proven yourself very trustworthy and nice. As soon as you have made an appointment, or verified for material you are a candidate for my FF program.

Small Cost:

I have to charge a tiny fee. Here’s why. It is just to help cover all the leg work to get this going, but far more importantly, to just help with the administration of this program. I will have to spend a great deal of time making sure I keep everyone’s points updated and I am already incredibly time-poor. So, I kept it to a token just to help off-set my time and effort. But it is nothing in comparison to the rewards on offer.

It’s a mere $9.95 payable via Beem It, Osko or PayID

Use LLA Points:

When it’s time to use your Lily Levine Airway points, you can choose from several extraordinary rewards. Take a well-earned break, request a flight upgrade, book an unforgettable destination journey. Indulge in gourmet food and wine, or treat yourself to something from her duty free shop – all on points. The more you fly, the faster you will enjoy benefits like priority boarding or earn points to upgrade your flight.

****Further, Exceptionally Worthwhile Bonus:*****

Those who provide an email address will go on the FF email list to be advised on any specials that will be regarding special deals, short term flights, mystery short term flights, FF competitions that will involve free flights (in exchange for nothing) strictly offered to this group of FF only, and various other things yet to be decided. However, with Lily’s inventive mind that continually thinks of new benefits for you, you will be sure to be delighted  and grateful you passed on a suitable email address for this!

Please advise me you would like to join this list. I will not place you on there until you have vetoed it.

How can You Earn Rewards?

This is the “fun” bit. In a myriad of ways. This makes everyone able to earn points whether you are local, regional, interstate or international. And whether you are able to meet in person or you are (unfortunately) relegated to virtual services and material and the hope of a possible tour on the cards. (Think Perth…always on my radar as my professional career sends me there every 2.5 years, Newcastle, Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin – wish list).

These are the ways you can earn points and the number of points.

  1. In Duty Free, when you spend $50 you earn 3 points.
  2. Each $100, you earn 7 points.
  3. When you spend $150 you earn 13 points
  4. When you spend $200 you earn 20 points
  5. If you are a first timer and you follow advertising “how to make a playday/appointment” perfectly correctly, without an attempt to negotiate you earn yourself 5 points.
  6. If you are a return client you earn 5 points each time you rebook.
  7. If you make me orgasm in a playdate you earn 3 points
  8. If you make me muti climax you earn yourself 7 points.
  9. If you rim me you earn 10 points (minimum 5 minutes)
  10. Each time you make an appointment for a 1 hour PSE you earn 30 points
  11. Each time you book a KL or RRPP playdate you earn 65 points
  12. When you leave a review, good/bad or indifferent you earn yourself on Locanto you earn 40 points. It must be honest, no embellishment.
  13. When you leave a review on the LLA website you earn yourself 25 points. (Again, good/bad/indifferent, as long as it is honest, from the heart and no embellishment)
  14. If you bring a mate to an appointment, you earn 30 points.
  15. When you purchase a taboo XXXX eBook product you earn yourself 65 points
  16. When you purchase a taboo XXXX video you earn 100 points
  17. When you purchase a taboo XXXX service you earn 1000 points
  18. If you are willing to be filmed, filming POV so no face, that I can use, you earn yourself 40 points
  19. If you book 5 appointments within an 8 week period of economy half an hour minimum in length you earn yourself 35 points.
  20. If you book 5 appointments within a 10 week period that are half or hour PSE, you earn 55 points.
  21. If you decide to pay upfront for 5 20 minute f/s that can be used in a 18 month period you earn 30 points.
  22. If you decide to pay upfront for 5 30 minute f/s that can be used in a 18 month period you earn 40 points
  23. If you decide to pay upfront for 5 30 minute f/s PSE that can be used in a 18 month period you earn 50 points
  24. If you decide to pay upfront for 5 60 minute f/s that can be used in a 18 month period you earn 200 points
  25. If you decide to pay upfront for 5 60 minute f/s PSE that can be used in a 18 month period you earn 270 points
  26. If you wish to pay for 2 KL’s or 2 hours of KL upfront before your appointment that can be used in the 12 month period you earn 240 points
  27. When you book a “Netflix and chill” playdate you earn 400 points
  28. When you book a FM2Y you earn 1000 points
  29. If you bring me non supermarket flowers you score 5 points. (Aka, NICE flowers)
  30. I, Lily, can at my discretion, delegate up to 50 points at any stage for any reason. I cannot possibly provide all the reasons I may do this; it could be because I received a nice massage, I like the way you smell, I loved your cock, you were funny, you brought me a random gift, you tipped me, gave me a gift voucher….it could be a myriad of things and reasons.
  31. There is a small handful of clients who I bestowed points between 5 and 20 points for varying reasons mostly in relation to times they have seen me and types of flights booked. If I feel I cannot contact you via email or text message, please see list of names on ad/blog page on my website. Thanks.
  32. Purchase of Lily Levine’s explicit or tame 2024 calendar being shot in September, available October 2023 will gain you 10 points

What points rewards you with what?

125 points earns you a 15 minute f/s flight or upgrade and a high priority boarding pass

150 points earns you a 20 minute PSEBJ flight or upgrade and a high priority boarding pass

200 points earns you a 30 minute f/s flight or upgrade and a high priority boarding pass

270 points earns you a 60 economy flight or upgrade and a high priority boarding pass

400 points earns you 2 30 minute PSE f/s flights or upgrade and the highest priority boarding pass

750 points earns you 1 60 minute PSE f/s flight, 3 15 minute f/s flights and the highest priority boarding pass

1100 points earns you a 2 hour PSE f/s flight or upgrade and the highest priority boarding pass and full access to Lily’s Luxury Lunchbox

1500 points earns you one of two options. One of the 2 options cannot be stated publicly so I shall reserve ammouncing the two options unless in an email. Please don’t inquire unless you know you legitimately may eventually earn 1500 points. All FF’s who have passed on their suitable email can inquire at any stage.

  • Option 1, put it this way, is a mighty rare thing, something I have never seen offered anywhere. It would 100% appeal to KL and R, R P and P lovers and those keen to give it a go.
  • Option 2, is plain indulgent and involves great playdate options and a lengthy, lengthy duration and choice of surroundings, dress code, destination for culinary time.

Classic Flight Rewards

A great value Reward Flight option.

Points Plus Pay – Flights

Use a combination of points and cash to turn your dream destination into a reality with Points Plus Pay

Classic Upgrade Rewards

You could use your points to request a Classic Upgrade Reward for an upgrade to First Class.

Bid Now Upgrades

Upgrade to a premium cabin using cash, or a combination of cash and LLA Points.

Bid Now Upgrades are available for selected LLA flights. You have the flexibility to make an upgrade offer of your choice using just cash, or if you are a LLA Frequent Flyer member, a combination of cash and LLA Points.

Make an offer

Place a bid, choosing the amount you’d be happy to pay for an upgrade. You can make an offer  using cash, or a mix of cash and LLA Points. A minimum offer amount is required in order to make a bid.

Upgrade confirmed

You’ll be notified of a successful upgrade within 24 hours of your scheduled flight.

If it’s accepted, any LLA Points used will be deducted from your LLA Frequent Flyer membership account.

What you need to know

You must be a LLA Frequent Flyer to earn and use LLA Points. Membership and points are subject to the LLA Frequent Flyer program Terms and Conditions.

You can join LLA Frequent Flyer 3 ways. 1. Via email or 2. text, the following please:

First Name and Surname as per verification…Nationality, Age

Please advise if ok to text, or not? Or, hours and days it is “safe” to do so. You will never be contacted outside those said hours/days under any circumstances whatsoever. Your email will only be used for FF offers. Never used for spam, and never, under any circumstances shared or passed on.

Or 3. you can go to, click on Frequent Flyer and request the eBook and to become a member.

Terms and conditions

Important information about the LLA Frequent Flyer program is outlined below. For further details, please consult our Terms and Conditions.

Points Expiry

If you do not: earn any Points or redeem Points, in 18 consecutive months, all Points held in your LLA Frequent Flyer account will expire.

Points are redeemable at any time.


LLA collects basic personal information about you in connection with LLA Frequent Flyer (including products and services available to LLA Frequent Flyer members): to market products and services to you. At ALL times your information remains strictly confidential and in no circumstances will ever be distributed.

About LLA

Founded in 2017, LLA has grown to be one of Australia’s most successful domestic and international airlines and is one of the strongest brands in Australia. We’ve built a reputation for excellence in safety, operational reliability, engineering and maintenance, style and of course superior and outstanding customer service.

Those who begin with frequent flyer points

Haemisch – 20m. Peter KL – 20, Daniel ..(1)– 15, Daniel (2) – 10, Damien – 15, Rob – 15. Steve One Beach– 15. Dennis – 15, Grant – 10.. Jim – 10, Steve Two – 10, Raphael – 10, A%y – 10,  Heath – 10., Robbie – 12, Freddy – 12, Joey- 8, R&y – 5, Mark – 5