People are quick to write negative stuff – so I thought I’d turn the tide and write about something nice. 4 times in and 7-8 days I have forgotten to “collect” the $ in renumeration for my time. Usually at the start I am far too distracted about what lies ahead. And then afterwards I am feeling too good from the serotine and dopamine hit that my brain is fuzzy as am I. 4 times I have not been paid. What is cool is that all I had to do on each of the 4 occasions was to send a text.

Everyone within about 1-2 hours Beemed it or Payid it through. Just a laugh, and “oops” and absolutely no drama. I think it’s kind of a good thing on both parties sides. I’m not in it just for the sole purpose of earning, and you the gentleman had a nice enough time, and was obviously getting along great that it simply wasn’t on the radar.

I’d call it a “back-handed” compliment really. And kudos to each gentleman who could have done the wrong thing, but never for a second did I doubt they would. Why? Because of my screening process and the fact that I am nice. MOST people aren’t going to do the wrong thing to a nice person. What goes around will eventually come around.

I just wanted to do a shout out to those men for just being honest and nice too.

Happy days.


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Well Worth It

I initially was impressed at the way Lily had created her ad. The copy was very unusual, different to other escorts and I was intrigued. I reached out some 2 months ago but wasn't able to make an appointment until recently. Lily is beautiful, funny, creative, warm and sexy. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Lily, she is the perfect blend of sensual, curious and engaging. As for the rest, I will keep that close to my heart. Highly recommend.

Different to what I expected, service excellent easy to get along with. Would see again. Responsive to texts

 by Adain B Werribee on LL Airways | Lily Levine Geelong Escort
Ill b back

Lily has a calming, flirty personality. Made me laugh a few times. Blowjob skills are next level and so are the massages 11/10 will be back.

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