My Super Power

Psycholagny is my “superpower”. Not certain what it means? Well, it is the ability to reach or achieve orgasm without any physical stimulation of the genitalia, usually achieved through mental stimulation or fantasy alone.  This is because orgasm is a mental process, not a physical one. So, because I like to give head, it’s very easy for me to climax whilst doing so!

The process begins with arousal and ends with orgasm. This part is all cerebral and doesn’t require any physical stimulation at all. With practice, it is possible to orgasm from literally anything.

Separately, we have ejaculation. In men AND women, it is the physical response to stimulation. It works just like the orgasm response. Orgasm takes place in the brain and ejaculation takes place with the body. You have to teach your brain that ejaculation is normal and natural. It IS, but your brain doesn’t remember that. The most common way is to stroke the g-spot, or more accurately, the urethral sponge.

Once you learn to make it happen intentionally, it’ll work just like with orgasms. You can apply this response process to virtually ANY stimuli. As you are learning and practicing, pay close attention to every sensation of the process from arousal to orgasm. Then practice application to other types of stimulation. That sounds crazy complicated and difficult. Try it. You’ll learn that it’s actually easier than it sounds.

Since orgasm and ejaculation are the brain’s associated response to a stimulus that it has associated with the two events, there is usually a close synchronisation of the two. For men, they reach orgasm just before they ejaculate. The timing is so close that it seems to be perfectly synchronised. For us girls, ejaculation can be just before or just after orgasm. It’s still close enough that it seems to be synchronised.

If you learn to orgasm and squirt just by thinking about it and/or from a wide range of stimulation, this makes you a VERY fun escort to be around! Of course, if you find yourself squirting uncontrollably whilst waiting to get your COVID injection then that might become problematic! 😊

Many gals can ejaculate without any sign of an orgasm, including me. Further, most women have experienced orgasms without any sign of ejaculation. Basically, the brain associates one thing with the other. “If I experience THIS, I’m supposed to do THIS.” Kind of like, eating and watching tv together. Do it often enough together and you will watch TV and just want to eat even though you aren’t hungry. Your brain can associate anything with anything else. Or, might NOT link two things. If, for whatever reason, your brain doesn’t associate ejaculation and orgasm exactly together, then it won’t happen together. Whatever your brain associates will act as a trigger for the event/activity. Your brain can associate ANYTHING as causing or NOT causing orgasm or ejaculation.

Starting out? Just get there. Once you get there, with practice, you can learn to use it and control it like the super power that it is!

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  1. Paul

    Lily, another interesting and we’ll written post. Love the tie back to association psychology. Wonder, could an association between tv commercials and blowjobs be developed. Would love bj’s during add breaks.

    • Lily Levine

      Ha ha that’s funny, I bet you would. And I wouldn’t mind my…..being attended too


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