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Seeking Volunteer For Free Session!

I am seeking a volunteer within the next week for a non-paid quickie.

Normally filming is all in a paid appointment of course, but I am after something specific.

Now this is an offer only to someone who has seen me previously.

This is one of the benefits of seeing me regularly, you get these occasional benefits.

Therefore, if you haven’t seen me before, please don’t contact me regarding this.

You must be able to see me in the next few days, and must be willing to be filmed POV and/or face blurred. Please text me: “CP details please Lily” to register your interest and I will provide a little further information. Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you.

Making Prior Playdates

I just wanted to advise both current and prospective clients the following.

If you have a day and date in mind that you are happy to set in concrete I can now take those appointments in advance.

Regardless of not advertising my hours for that week.

Also, I can more often now, be able to see the occasional gentleman outside set hours.

So it is 100% worth trying with a text. If I can, I 100% will.

Do I Owe You Time or Material?

Normally I am “Miss Reliable”.

However over the past 3 months I have been less so, and extra busy.

I apologise for this.

I don’t think that is too bad a track record over the past 6 years.

Importantly, if I have failed to book you in a time, or send you anything that you have ordered, so, I am owing you something, can you PLEASE send a text message and follow up on it.

The reason things may have gotten waylaid is that I have had considerable time off work.

Yet I know that there is a very small handful of you that I have missed either a) setting a time for a play or B) missed sending you virtual material.

Because I receive about 200 texts on a quiet day, when I had my run of illness and personal things occurring, a couple have slipped through the cracks.

This I find stressful as I don’t like owing anything or letting any client down.

I always try to be very efficient and timely.

So please, don’t be afraid to follow up and provide me with a gentle reminder.

I would like to rectify this.

I Need Fresh Footage!

I am seeking some new filming material.

If you are up for it in your play, can you please let me know.

That would be great.

We can do it in any manner that you like.

There is no need for you to show your face should you be happy to accommodate anonymously.

Blow and Go Quickies

A while ago I ran a deal with a couple of services if I was paid upfront.

I would like to offer this with the B and G service that is a throat or cream pie quickie @ $60.

In the event that you opt to pay upfront for a “pack” then your appointments for these will not be relegated to only Happy Hour, you can redeem your plays at any mutually convenient time.

And don’t forget that those who have paid up front are given priority.

I am also willing to offer this to those completely new who have not booked me previously. Not one offs, but a pack in advance I am comfortable with.

So on that note, if you are keen to pursue several quickie when you need quick release here is my offers:

$300 up front secures 5 plays, plus for the up front, 2 bonus plays, saving $120.

$600 up front secures 10 plays, plus for the up front, 5 bonus plays, saving  $300!!! (how good is that).

$900 up front secures 15 plays plus the up front, 8 bonus plays, saving a whopping $480

*The only caveat is that they will be required to be used within 12 months of purchase.

Thanks for reading this update, and I hope to see you very soon, on the proviso you have been good, and deserve a treat.

Lily xx

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  1. Haemisch

    Hi Lily.
    I would love to do a video with you. I wish I could see you more often but I live so far away. My birthday is coming up and I would like to treat myself to something special, 😜, even if it’s belated.


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Well Worth It

I initially was impressed at the way Lily had created her ad. The copy was very unusual, different to other escorts and I was intrigued. I reached out some 2 months ago but wasn't able to make an appointment until recently. Lily is beautiful, funny, creative, warm and sexy. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Lily, she is the perfect blend of sensual, curious and engaging. As for the rest, I will keep that close to my heart. Highly recommend.

Different to what I expected, service excellent easy to get along with. Would see again. Responsive to texts

 by Adain B Werribee on LL Airways | Lily Levine Geelong Escort
Ill b back

Lily has a calming, flirty personality. Made me laugh a few times. Blowjob skills are next level and so are the massages 11/10 will be back.

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