Do you want to turbocharge your testicles?

Glad you do or you wouldn’t be reading this. Given I have reasonably extensive medical knowledge I know a thing or two about testicular health and sex! And overall health to be frank. If you are over 40 your balls aren’t what they used to be I am afraid. I’d love Geelong men to improve the their sexual health. Hell yes. You are producing less sperm, less cum and less testosterone. But the good news is, you can improve it. Absolutely you can.

Why are they shrinking?

Overall sperm counts are basically sinking. Due to lifestyle and behavioural; changes largely speaking. Glaciers are shrinking and so are your balls. So where is your saviour? Well, it’s found in your local Chemist Warehouse and I really suggest that you go and get your redeemer.

What You Need?

There has been a couple of studies one lately whereby the intake of omega 3’s dramatically improves the quality of your semen and the amount of semen, and the size of your testicles. Taking fish oil also seems to show lower free testosterone to LH free users. And it looks like taking fish oil for more than 60 days is when you really reap the rewards.

Another benefit is structural but that is still important.  By adding DHA courtesy of fish oil it’s akin to being a stonemason putting on more mortar to make a structure more stable. As a result, you get more sperm motility and concentration along with less “gimpy” sperm that is a major cause of infertility!

The association between fish oil and testicle health seems clear, in particular omega three found in fish oil capsules. Better reproductive health, more robust testicles, AND an increase in the quality and quantity of sperm. WINNING. And, if that wasn’t enough you get all the other anti-inflammatory benefits of DHA. So, I am talking warding off the 5 big inflammatory diseases, heart related illness, cancer, diabetes, obesity and all autoimmune diseases. Yes, in the medical fraternity these are all collectively referred to as inflammatory diseases.

Quality Control!

Just a word of warning though, most fish oil capsules are poorly dosed so you need to buy a really good quality one. A brand that I recommend is Biotests Flameout which is fantastic high-end product Oh and by the way, even if you are a fish lover, you won’t be able to eat enough fish to cover your body’s omega 3 demands! I also like Bio-Ceuticals as a brand. Thanks Lily, free public service announcements for lovers.


  1. Ray

    Hi Lily.
    Thank you so much for this article. As a ‘mature age group’ person, this is really important to me. I’ll go get some today !!

    If you have any other advice, please share.


  2. Lily Levine

    Hi Ray

    Actually I do. I have a follow up blog to come in the next couple of days. Just another really small but handy tip for you guys. I hope you got some.

    • Ray

      I’ll be looking forward to reading your next tip Lily!
      Haven’t got any yet,. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be shopping.
      Stay safe.

    • Ray

      Just looked. Can’t find either brand on-line at Chemist Warehouse. Is there any other store?

  3. Damian

    Good advice. Speaking of which I didn’t see a winner for your “Biggest Load” competition.

    Might help if you run one again.

    • Lily Levine

      I actually intend too early next year as it was fun!


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