The Best Places for An Escort Dinner in Geelong

Geelong is experiencing a boom in the restaurant scene along with its arts. With the wave of urban revitalization, Geelong is reinventing its dining culture by refurbishing the buildings and driving an influx of new cafes, restaurants and bars. In fact, I would say inner CBD Geelong nowadays is positively funky! There is such a broad range of places to choose from that it would take you years to work your way through them dining out once a week!

My all-time favourite destination (Parkers Steakhouse) has recently been knocked off it’s perch after my recent visit to Emerge.

  1. Emerge is a contemporary restaurant featuring modern Australian cuisine in Geelong.  This Geelong Restaurant is run by owner/operators, a chef & front of house duo Leah & Leigh Gill. Emerge focuses on simple ingredients of quality, flavour & locality where possible.  Where Geelong & the surrounds produce is not possible local suppliers are still employed.

Emerge is a warm, friendly yet intimate and personal setting. The service is excellent and the perfect balance of attentiveness without being overly invasive.   The meals both I and my friend ordered was absolutely divine, the meat was to perfection. Absolutely mouth-watering steak as was the lamb. I just loved it and can’t wait to go back.

2. Parkers Steakhouse

Parkers has been known as the Number one steakhouse restaurant in Geelong. However it has some serious rivals as per above. Steak is amazing mouth-watering Beef ribs to die for meat falls of bone All the food is top quality and fresh and delivered perfectly. You really can’t go wrong here. The only thing that bothered me on my last couple of visits was the noise level. It can get really rowdy and we had to talk with raised voices just to hear each other.

3. Le Parisien

Located on the foreshore this is your choice for a fancy night out — it is French, after all. The setting is one-part classic foreshore (think palms and ocean views) to two parts Euro-chic (think white linen, cane chairs and low timber beams). The atmosphere is intimate and romantic, so I suggest you go there with romantic notions!

The menu is very French and protein oriented. If you’re an adventurous diner, try the escargot as an entree (12 for $35), and if you’re not, order the onion soup served with caramelised, confit and charred onions ($20). For mains, the bouillabaisse ($47) is phenomenal, made with crab, prawns, mussels and market fish all tumbling around in a tomato and fennel broth. Really, you can’t go wrong with anything on this menu. And if you want to treat yourself, look into the duck fat potatoes ($12) for an indulgent side. Yummo!

4.Tulip Bar and Restaurant

This an award-winning restaurant with a low-key vibe. Headed up by chef friends Matt Dempsey and Graham Jefferies, Tulip has a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere and a local, seasonal menu. Their food philosophy is “share and share alike”, with the menu consisting of many small share plates and an all-Victorian wine list. Try the cured market fish, finger lime, cucumber, prawn oil and green chilli ($17) for a fresh starter and the roasted chicken served with charred butter beans and anchovy vinaigrette ($58) for a more substantial main. You’ll be struggling to lean into their share philosophy with food this good but give it a red hot go.

They would be my personal choices. However, I am probably more of a café goer than a fine diner, so perhaps I shall do a Geelong’s best café list especially for those of you who visit Geelong and might find this useful. It’s usually nice to go to places on recommendations, as it is to see companions on referrals! Take one of Geelong’s finest companions to one of these four places and she will be duly impressed. Feel free to take me!


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