What’s with your throatgasms and are they real?

This was a question posed to me sometime before COVID. It’s no secret deepthroat and oral in general is my “thing” The good news is “yes”! They are real. It wasn’t always the case. It’s been something that started at about the age of 42/43 for this Geelong escort. And they have continued on with no signs of stopping. Sorry if this gets a little sciency instead of erotic. Suffice to say I could probably suck cock all day if there wasn’t such a thing as work, sleep and eat. I can 100% account that throatgasms do indeed exist, they are very real, and they are good!

Why throatorgasms happens is up for some debate. The thing with them is they are DEEEEEP. Deeper than even a g-spot orgasm in some women, including me which is why I probably enjoying giving head so much.

In yoga and tantric sex all women talk about how everything is connected in our body from mouth to vagina. Work on one and the other benefits! I have on the odd occasion had them during vigorous exercise, including riding a horse. This could be affected by the vagus nerve, and the pushing down action on their diaphragm and pelvis. Even deep breathing could possibly have this effect and may have some impact on psycholagny. (This is when us girls cum without any vaginal/clitoral stimulation).

A common thought is that if you want to improve your ability to orgasm as well as the quality of your orgasms, be more vocal. Women who don’t hold back vocally report more orgasms and better orgasms than women who aren’t vocal. Again, this is why, as a more mature woman I don’t hold back anymore. I want to have a good, loud, enjoyable orgasm. Why be shy? Who wants a shy milf escort? Isn’t the point of a mature lass that she an “let go”?

If a woman feels free to let go and be vocal, it makes sense to me that she will be more open to experiencing more types of orgasms and more orgasms from non-traditional sources. Not to discredit the vagus nerve’s contribution to the equation.

Anatomically, there is no “g-spot” in the throat. Not technically. That said, there are actually MORE sensory nerves in the mouth than there are in the vagina. Okay, while you stare in disbelief at your computer screen over that statement, let me clarify. 😊 We have determined that there are approximately 8,000 nerves in the clitoris. But the vagina as a whole, we aren’t sure. We just mapped the clitoris in 2009; it seems we are still working on the rest of the vagina. We know that there are as many as 8,000 nerves just with the tongue. Add in the thousands of receptors in the lips and palate and gums, it’s a lot.

Suffice to say orgasm is a cerebral event. It happens in the brain. It is when the brain releases a chemical cocktail, led by oxytocin and serotonin and dopamine into the system and it gives us the euphoria feeling we like so much. Technically, orgasm doesn’t have anything to do with the body.

Our bodies, however, have a default setting for 4. Penis in vagina intercourse is that default setting from the factory. Do “THIS” and everyone will have an orgasm. That’s what the manual says. Check it. That’s true.

But that doesn’t work for everyone. So many of my friends say that intercourse doesn’t get them to orgasm. Many men say that regular intercourse gets boring. Many people discover that a WHOLE BUNCH of other stuff adds up much better than the default setting. I mean, a WHOLE BUNCH of other stuff!!

Bottom line, you learn what gets you off. Your brain makes an ASSOCIATION to that cause and responds with the appropriate effect. Orgasm. The default setting went out the window long ago. Now, I need “THIS” and “THIS” and some of “THAT”. Basically, your cock down my throat, you telling me how much you like it and I go crazy. My brain has made sense that I just love it and now when I do it there is a large chance that I will cum without any touching anywhere else. Fine with me – I’m not complaining! And hopefully, neither are you.

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  1. Haemisch

    I always wondered why some women love giving bj. Certainly the best bj I’ve ever had was my first appointment with you many years ago. I still have vivid memories of that.

    • Lily Levine

      Ah your too kind Haenisch but I am honoured it was memorable!


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I initially was impressed at the way Lily had created her ad. The copy was very unusual, different to other escorts and I was intrigued. I reached out some 2 months ago but wasn't able to make an appointment until recently. Lily is beautiful, funny, creative, warm and sexy. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Lily, she is the perfect blend of sensual, curious and engaging. As for the rest, I will keep that close to my heart. Highly recommend.

Different to what I expected, service excellent easy to get along with. Would see again. Responsive to texts

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Lily has a calming, flirty personality. Made me laugh a few times. Blowjob skills are next level and so are the massages 11/10 will be back.

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