1 Step Away From Nasty

I am acutely aware that unfortunately even though most clients are intrinsically nice, some are only nice until things don’t go their way. Well and truly aware of this. Usually, it’s over petty stuff too. As was last week. I received a text form a client I have met more than a few times. But not for a while and we always had gotten along just fine. He messaged to tee up an appointment time. No problems. Politely asked for a deposit. Received a message back that we had met before and I don’t usually ask for one.

Well firstly that’s irrelevant. But anyway, I again, politely explained my business structure has it done this way and that’s the only way to move forward. It wasn’t at all rude however he chose to interpret it as such. His choice. His perspective. I was simply stating how it is now. Not rudely, not aggressively, quite politely as I always am.

Thus, his next message was just charming…..not. Straight to nasty because things had changed. Or maybe, because he didn’t want to leave a deposit. Either way I was good with it I am old enough and wise enough to know that people choose their way to handle things as they see fit. His response speaks volumes about him and his emotional maturity level and I am actually not writing this rudely. It just does.

Living a life on the defines is deflection, blaming and complaining.

How … small.

I have zero expectations of people in general not just “clients”.

This is such a hard thing to do, but honestly, it’s one of the best practices for getting yourself in a grateful frame of mind, versus a resentful one. Living life on offense is about detaching from what other people do and speak. Not in a spiteful, eff-you way, but in a completely open and permissive way. When you’re operating with strings and expectations for others, it stifles you. It ends with you often being disappointed. And this is how he is living his life. He had certain expectations. I “failed” to meet them and thus he became nasty and passive aggressive immediately.

Ain’t nobody got time for low vibes. Life is too short and you have too much to accomplish to spend time concerning yourself with people who insist on living defensively. And that’s not a judgment so much as an awareness. This is simply a recognition that the people around us impact us. And for me, it’s GOOD VIBES ONLY PLEASE.

I had a bit of a smile and text back something akin to “And there he is, hello, pleased to meet you”.

In any walk of life you get to choose how to handle things. I’m glad I don’t have time for low vibes.


  1. Ray

    Nothing wrong with the way you handled it Lily. Polite and gracious as always. His loss.

    As for your outlook ” I have zero expectations of people in general not just “clients”. ” I can completely understand that. Life is to short to stress over expectation of others.

    Good Vibes to you!

    • Lily Levine

      Thank Ray. Appreciate your thoughts. xxxx


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