Boundaries – don’t push them!

Boundaries. Let me slowly explain. I do have a full-time professional career that required 8 years of tertiary study to acquire. You know, the type of employment that requires you to be fully clothed and all that. Work from home, and on the odd occasion I get to jump on a plane and head to Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Job stability and great payouts are important to me as is bonuses. You know, normal stuff.

My Career

I keep a journal, I always have. The stories I have acquired over the years are quite phenomenal really. I always get told that I should write a book. A common thought from friends and family, and yes, also my counsellor. I should hire an editor and get them to edit them and turn them all into a memoire. But boundaries. They go both ways!

Not One, Not Two, But Three.

I have two other businesses as well, that provide me with passive income that is rather wonderful. I love waking up in the morning and finding more money in the bank. Mind you I worked so hard to create those passive income opportunities. But once you have done the work, it’s done, yet the rewards roll in years later.

Financial Freedon

I love financial freedom and flexibility to do things I want to do, go where I want to go and provide for my family very well. That is of upmost importance to me. I am generous when it comes to others. Still I constantly plan, save, work, save, plan, create, design, work, launch and save. I worry that some big life catastrophe might occur and I cannot afford to do whatever it is that I need to do. You know. Normal human concerns.

My Home

I am sitting in my backyard, near my pool under my pergola and the wind is winding it’s way through my wind chimes and it sounds gorgeous. No one has seen my home of course. It’s a 2 story, architecturally designed, contemporary home which means the materials used to build are  eco-friendly and recycled. I do my bit! 🙂

It is a  combination of both modernism (trendy design) and minimalism. These features, paired with plain white walls and big windows, create a contemporary feel, that I love. The primary colours are not warm, and white and black featured prominently. I have a lot of different types of metal, leaving a colder feeling throughout. I have an open floor plan, very spacious with high ceilings and gorgeous hanging light fixtures.

Where It’s At…

No mortgages, solar panels all paid off, no credit cards, no debt. Life is good.

Lurkers, “Stalkers”, and restrictions

It would appear that I get quite a few lurkers in here on my blog. Some say that they have been on my website, read my ads and read my blogs numerous times, before summoning up the courage to actually text me and request an appointment.

Geelong Escort Opens Up….

You should know, that every time I meet someone new there is always butterflies in my stomach, I am nervous, and I wonder how the playdate will pan out for us both. It is the anticipation of the unknown. So, it comes with adrenaline. It is wonderful if you connect on a sexual level. Even better if you connect in every which way. Then we leave. You go to your home, and I go to mine. It’s magical. Hassle free. Perfect.

Kudo to every client who resists the urge to push boundaries. To those who don’t over text. Stay mindful. High 5.

Be A Great Client!

The Annoying Side – Pushing Limits

There is an unfortunate side to playdates and the nature of this work of course. And that is clients who push my boundaries. Every single girl bar none has limitations. Period. Hence I know when to cut my losses and when to speak up. Because there are some men who will push and push and push. They feel the need to push to the edge. And it’s uncool. I don’t like it. No-one likes their boundaries being pushed and I won’t have it. It mostly comes from large spenders and regulars. Unfortunately. Those who are overly affectionate and/or over spend to the point I know they want something in return. You know, the self-serving kind.

See for more on this topic.

It is always MY choice:

I like the fact that I have choice. Every single time. I do not have to see any or every client that wishes to spend time with me. Hobbyists and those who feel the need (poor things) to boast on forums should really just move on and not consider contacting me.

Over and out for me now.

Stay happy and healthy.

Geelong’s Best Escort Lily Levine


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Thank you

I don’t bother with reviews usually but Lily deserves a shout out. Although I was polite before meeting her for the first time, I did muck her about unintentionally. Lily was completely understanding that caught me off guard as she seemed quite rigid in her requirements. Lily was accommodating and soothed me very quickly as I ran late and was scattered as. Wonderful massage, wonderful everything else. Thanks Lily xxx


Ridiculously hot service Gold

 by David Holmes Warrnambool on LL Airways | Lily Levine Geelong Escort
Good Experience

I went looking for a twist of kink and left with a keen sense of "I want more where that came from." Lily is very easy going, and easy on the eye. Being relatively inexperienced in the world of kink Lily's feedback and reassurance over emails and in the initial discussions of our booking eased my nerves and helped clarify the boundaries of the experience. I need to explore the world of kink more fully. I'm in no doubt that I will be looking to Lily to lead me through that experience. Looking forward to seeing her again already, hence my review.

Thank you. Too sweet! I am grateful to you sharing your positive thoughts. xx

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