30 Things Lily Loves

  1. Fresh flowers. Tulips, peonies, sunflowers and cornflowers are amongst my top favourites.
  2. Fresh linen sheets. Preferably every day!
  3. Peter Alexandar pyjamas. Comfiest clothes ever.
  4. Sundays
  5. My birthday. I never work on my birthday, it’s a “thing”.
  6. When clients place their cash in the middle of a great book instead of an envelope. Class.
  7. Watching seals, dolphins and whale’s play
  8. Columbian coffee
  9. Watermelon
  10. Climaxing
  11. Authentic people
  12. Smiles from strangers for absolutely no reason
  13. “Thank you” cards or appreciation cards. I keep them all. I have a few boxes of them and will look back on them fondly when I’m old.
  14. Thrillers and dramas, can’t get enough
  15. Discovering something new sexually I never knew I liked. Just when you think you have seen or heard it all, something else comes along to blow you away.
  16. Doing new photoshoots. So much fun.
  17. Blogging. Can you tell? I like writing. A lot.
  18. Running a small business. It’s a daily challenge and I like that
  19. I love people who play sport and are active. Not a fan of the couch potato
  20. Storms
  21. Nudist beaches – very empowering
  22. Animals interacting with different species – entertaining, funny and cute
  23. Spotify
  24. A good sound system
  25. A home cooked meal – not cooked by me
  26. Lingerie, especially white
  27. Intelligent people
  28. The ocean
  29. Glitter
  30. High heels


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 by Adain B Werribee on LL Airways | Lily Levine Geelong Escort
Ill b back

Lily has a calming, flirty personality. Made me laugh a few times. Blowjob skills are next level and so are the massages 11/10 will be back.

Thank You

Lily is such a lovely soul. I felt like I met a close friend who I can talk without judging what I say. She is an amazing woman, bright, bubbly and welcoming-but also a sensual, emboldened & exciting lover.


Magical mouth for sure. Fantastic time

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